Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Oldies but goodies

Sifting through a number of games played last month, I cam across the following clash from the World Blitz Championship. I suspect Karjakin was playing the first few moves on auto-pilot and walked into quite an old trap. While the initial game was played in 1928 I'm pretty sure I've seen it in a number of guises (including a Reinfeld simul game).

Andreikin,Dmitry (2683) - Karjakin,Sergey (2760) [A27]
VI World Blitz Ch Moscow RUS (2.7), 16.11.2010

1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.Nf3 g6 4.d4 exd4 5.Nd5 Bg7 6.Bg5 Nge7 7.Nxd4 Bxd4 (D)
8.Qxd4 0-0N
[RR 8...Nxd4 9.Nf6+ Kf8 10.Bh6# 1-0 Muller-NN/Wenen 1928] 9.Nf6+ Kh8 10.Ng4+ 1-0

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Paul said...

This gives us all hope when a GM can lose like this Shawn...:-)