Saturday, 11 December 2010

Chess Artwork/Posters

At some point in the past I had a small collection of chess tournament posters. It is quite possible I still have this collection, but given the dis-organised state of my chess library, it may be difficult to find. The posters were mainly from Australian chess events of the late 80's/ early 90's, including the Mercantile Mutual Masters events, and a number of Cepacol tournaments.
Wondering whether there was a central repository for such items on the internet (digital images rather than the real things) I did a quick google search. In a sense the central repository is the internet itself, as a number of links popped up, although some were for commercial outfits. This link is probably the best source, as it is the google link to a it's own collection of images. I've looked at the front page and they all look SFW (Safe for Work), so if you are interested in looking at chess posters from around the world (and are willing to ignore the cruft) this is a good place to start.


David at Chessville said...

John Dowling might be interested in purchasing your posters Shaun, try contacting here:

Anonymous said...

Earlene is the best..

bkahuna said...

Shaun- I'm a chess poster collector now living in Melbourne. I would really be happy if you could find the time to find the chess posters you may still have. I would find a good home for them and would be willing to offer you compensation. My email is Please contact me if you have the time. I hope to play in Canberra next year and I go there for business a couple times a year, maybe we can meet sosmetime there. John Dowling