Monday, 14 December 2009

High Court Chess

Via Paul Dunn comes news of a chess tournament for staff at the High Court of Australia. It was the first time such an event was held, and the arbiter for the final was the Chief Justice of the High Court, Chief Justice Robert French.
Here is the report on the final from Rita Gibson

Yesterday at lunchtime the final game of the High Court's inaugural
chess tournament was played between associates Ben Mostafa and Zelie
Wood, on a beautiful marble chess set presented to the Chief Justice in
appreciation by the ANU law students' society. The game was limited to
20 minutes per player (thanks to Mr Paul Dunn who generously loaned the
chess clock) and after considerable bloodshed (of chess pieces only of
course) the time limit was reached without a checkmate. Congratulations
to the winner, Ben Mostafa, of Justice Hayne's chambers. The Chief
Justice awarded the prize bottle of champagne and the winner's name will
be inscribed on the Chief Justice's perpetual chess trophy."

Ben Mostafa, 25, played some chess in his junior years at Sydney Boys
High School before swapping the hobby for more active pursuits. He
nevertheless retains a soft spot for the game, though admits it has been
some time since he had a game with a chess clock running. "I recall
going to one tournament when I was quite young, but that would have been
more than a decade ago now, and I haven't seen a chess clock since!"
says Ben.

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