Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bob Meyer

Professor Bob Meyer, a former ACT Chess Association President, passed away yesterday (6th May 2009) after a long battle with cancer. Bob had been a regular fixture on the ACT club scene since the mid 1970's and had been an early member of a number of fledgling ACT clubs. He was a participant in a number of ACT Championships over the last 4 decades.
Away from chess he was long time faculty member at the Australian National University, specialising in Logic. Although he officially retired almost 10 years ago, he maintained his connection to the university as a Visiting Fellow, and was still at his desk up until a few months ago.

Meyer,B - Reading,J [B06]
ACT ch Belconnen (8.15), 12.10.2001

1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.Nf3 d6 4.Bc4 Nc6 5.0-0 e6 6.Bg5 Nge7 7.Nc3 0-0 8.Qd2 e5 9.Nd5 a6 10.dxe5 h6 11.Nf6+ Bxf6 12.Bxf6 Kh7 (D)
13.Ng5+ Kg8 14.Nxf7 Rxf7 15.Qxh6 1-0

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This game has now been put up on OzChess' pgn chess viewer, so posters can run through the moves.

Meyer -vs- Reading 1-0