Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Be a Chess Hero!

Milan Ninchich is both a regular reader and regular contributor to this blog. If I was lazy I could probably just use his regular contributions to keep this blog going, and avoid my usual quota of hard work. Just in the last week he has sent me two very useful links with are worth sharing.
The first is to a chess training program called "Chess Hero". It is an interesting variant on the tactical trainers like CTArt 3.0 or sites on the net like www.chesstempo.com Chess Hero chooses positions at random from pgn files you specify yourself, and you have to choose the move that either matches the game continuation or the choose of the analysis engine you specify for the program. Specifying your own pgn files allows you to tailor the system to match your own interests. You might want to use a file of your own games or that of a player you particularly like (I'm using a collection of games from Rashid Nehzmetdinov). While you also need to provide your own analysis engine there are plenty of free ones around eg Fruit.
The program is free and can be downloaded from http://innokuo.altervista.org/chesshero.html

The other link is to "The Right Move" which is the English Chess Federation's Junior Chess Magazine. It is edited by IM Andrew Martin and each issue can be downloaded for free as a pdf file. The latest issue (May 2009) even has a game from David Smerdon in it! All issues are available at http://www.andrewmartinchessacademy.com/ecf/therightmove/

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Anonymous said...

Kasparov also severely restricts the strength of his opponents - I think they have to be under 2000 for him to permit them to play in a regular simul. That's why a very young Smerdon was (at the last minute) banned from playing Kasparov in New York simul many years back.