Wednesday 19 June 2024

Surprise Opening, surprise player

 While there is no rule that says that players of a certain style must play a certain style of opening, it is always a little surprising when a well know player breaks that rule. Reading about Akiba Rubinstein, I discovered that in a tournament organised shortly after the end of World War I in Sweden, be basically played the Kings Gambit as White whenever he had the chance. It did not do him any harm, as he finished in 1st place, albeit against a fairly weak field.

But when facing stronger opposition, he did not seem to shy away from this opening choice other, as the following slashing win demonstrates.

Rubinstein,Akiba - Hromadka,Karel [C30]
Maehrisch Ostrau International Masters Maehrisch Ostrau (4), 05.07.1923

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