Friday 31 May 2024

Quick easy practice

 If you are looking for some easy practice, then Youtube might have the answer. I'm not talking about instructional videos, but a fairly easy chess engine you can play through their website. Under the new heading of 'Playables' Youtube have added a whole pile of web based games. One of the games is 'Chess Classic' While it isn't very good (at least the lower levels) it does provide a quick way to play some casual online chess. As for the practice bit, if you are just learning chess, then beating easy chess engines is one way top get better. It helps you sharpen your basic tactics without getting crushed later in the game. As per an earlier recommendation, start at the easiest level and play until you can win 3 games in a row. Then move up to the next level. It worked for me when I first started playing chess, and it is a good way to get to the 'not dropping pieces' stage of your game.

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