Friday 8 September 2023

An outbreak of knight moving pawns

 For some strange reason, I had not one, but two beginners ask me if pawns could move 1 square forward and then take diagonally on the same move (basically a knight move). Of course I said no, but it did get me thinking. If a pawn can move 2 squares forward on the first move, why can't it take by moving 2 squares diagonally on the first move. 'Because' is probably the best answer, although it may make the game a little different if it could. I assume that such a variant does already exists, although the closest I could find was Berolina Chess, which isn't the same thing.


Lalit Prasad said...

Pawns are burdened by a large and heavy shield, and have a little sword which they poke around the sides to attack diagonally adjacent enemies. On their first move, they are still excited and unaware of the perils of war, so they can rush forward two steps - but that doesn't change the length of their sword. That's what I'd tell the kids (also, two squares diagonally is a further distance to rush than two squares forward).

Shaun Press said...

I have a slightly different version, although it is very similar. At the start of the game they are well rested, and are full of energy from the breakfast they have just consumed. But once they start marching (either 1 or 2 squares) they get tired and can only manage one square at a time.