Thursday 13 April 2023

2023 Oceania Youth - Past halfway

 The 2023 Oceania Junior and Youth Championship has played 6 rounds, and the tension is quite noticeable. FM Cameron McGowan leads the main event (Under 20 Open) with 5.5/6, beating 2nd seed FM Albert Winkelman in round 6. CM Hamish Bassig is in 2nd on 5/6, with FM Daniel Gong in 3rd. As this event is awarding titles on both Under 20 and Under 18 categories, top 2 (or possibly 3) is the goal for potential IM's, while top 6 is the target for potential FM's.

The Under 20 Girls is even closer with a 4 way tie at the top of the table. Lillian Lu, Alaina Vincent, Ekaterina Gratchev and Om O'Carroll are on 5/6, and are battling it out for the top 3 places. For other players across the tournament, there are both titles (Under 16 Open, Under 14 Open and Under 12 Open are offering them as well), while there are medals on offer for all ages.

There are 3 rounds to be played in this event. You can keep an eye on the scores at although sadly there is no live coverage

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