Wednesday 10 November 2021

The thing about ratings

 I am in the process of building a web based rating management system, partly for my own interest, and partly as a proof of concept for a couple of chess organisations. In doing so I thought I would refamiliarise myself with the FIDE Rapid and Blitz  Rating Regulations, a found some differences from standard system that I had either forgotten, or failed to notice.

For example:

  • The maximum number of rapid games in a day is 15, and for blitz, 30
  • You have to score at least 1 point in your first event for it to count towards your rating. (It is only 0.5 for the standard list)
  • Every either has a k factor of 20, or 700/total number of games played, if you play more than 35 games in a period.
  • The maximum difference between two players rating is 735, rather than 400 in the standard list
A lot of these differences do make sense, in that there is the potential to play a lot more games of rapid/blitz in a month, although it does lead to slower rating changes for players that don't.

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