Wednesday 11 November 2020

Vale Ken Holt

 I've just read that Ken Holt has passed away. A regular player on the Melbourne chess scene, he was also a common sight at the Doeberl Cup, as well as playing in a few of the Australian Open's that were held here. He was a solid 1800-2000, capable of taking down higher rated players, and always difficult to beat for lower rated opponents.

He was one of the players who formed the backbone of the Australian weekend scene, where playing was often more about who you meet, rather than who you beat. He was always good to have a chat (or a drink) with, and he will be missed by those that knew him.

Holt,Kenneth P (1953) - Canfell,Gregory (2304) [E81]
Australian op Tuggeranong (11), 09.01.2007

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