Thursday 3 September 2020

Too young and too quick

 I decided to have a go at an online event that is being organised weekly by GM Hrant Melkumyan on Lichess. It was a 2m+1s arena even, that ran for 90 minutes. Normally such events are better suited for players a lot younger and quicker than me, and this was certainly was. After winning the first game it was all downhill for me, as I failed to win another game. I was close in a couple but either my reflexes weren't fast enough, or my brain just failed me at the critical moment. I did at least  get to play the tournament organiser early on, and as he eventually won the event I feel I at least contributed to that.

But instead of showing one of my games, here is an upset win by an untitled player over a GM. After the game the GM commented that his opponent was the "strongest 2400 he has ever played"

VersaceEros (2400) - iamstraw (2722) [B30]
GM Melkumyans Weekly Arena, 03.09.2020

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