Tuesday 15 October 2019

2019 New Caledonia Open - Day 3

Day 3 of the 2019 New Caledonia Open was the first of the single round days. The top board pairing saw IM Russell Dive against GM Sammy Shoker, and after an interesting game, the players reached a rook and pawn ending, which was agreed drawn on move 40. GM Adrian Demuth took his chance to catch Dive by beating FM John Duneas in a positional game where Demuth played risk free but effective chess. Nigel Metge moved into a share of third by beating local hope Sylvain Giraud, while Miles Patterson also moved to 4 with a win over the dangerous Laurent Lalo. WFM Camille De Seroux also remained in contention, scoring a significant upset win over IM Anthony Ker.
Tomorrow is the tournament rest day, although there is plenty of chess for the participants. The New Caledonia Chess Federation is holding a chess day in one of the town parks, which includes blindfold chess, chess 960, fitness chess (involving giant pieces), simultaneous displays, and a open blitz event. A large turnout for all events is expected, and it should be a fun day for all.

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