Tuesday 20 August 2019

Leonard Barden turns 90

Happy birthday to Leonard Barden, who turns 90 years old today. While remembered mainly for his longevity as a chess columnist, he was one of England's top players in the 1950's and 60's, playing in 4 Olympiads. Significantly he has a 'Morphy Number' of 3, having played Jacques Mieses in 1948, with Mieses playing Henry Bird in 1899, and Bird playing Morphy in the 1858.
The following game was played early in Barden's career, and was considered by himself as one of his favourites. It also contributed to the theory of the Two Knights Defence, with 10.Qe4 now considered the refutation of 5. ... Nxd5 line.

Barden,Leonhard William - Adams,Weaver Warren [C57]
Hastings 5051 Hastings (3), 1950

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