Sunday 10 March 2019

2019 ACT Chess Championship - Day 3

With two rounds left to play, FM Michael Kethro holds a full point lead in the 2019 ACT Chess Championship. Kethro defeated Sankeertan Badrinrayan in a fairly wild round 4 game, before scoring a quick win over Tim Pearce. Pearce, who only lost this game, shares second place with Badrinarayan and Victor Braguine.
Round 5 saw a number of interesting finishes, including Matt Radisich playing a nice combination that left him a rook up. Unfortunately his opponents next move  left him in a mating net and resigned immediately. This wasn't the only tragic finish, with another game ending in stalemate in a K v KRBP ending.
Round 6 starts at 10am tomorrow, with the final round starting at 2:30pm. Tournament results and live game links can be found at

Kethro, Michael -Badrinarayan, Sankeertan
2019 ACT Chess Championship

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