Tuesday 23 January 2018

Lani and Richo's Great Big Chess Adventure

Two of Australia's leading women players, WIM Heather Richards and WFM Alana Chibnall have made the journey to Gibraltar to play in the 2018 Gibraltar Masters. Unlike the team of Press and Press (Shaun and Harry) in 2017, they are subjecting themselves to a more punishing schedule, playing in the Challengers in the morning, followed by the Masters in the afternoon.
The first round of the Challengers took place yesterday, with the Masters starting today (1am Canberra time).
It was a mixed set of results for the Australian's, with Chibnall losing after failing to spot a flaw in her plan, while Richards took advantage of a tactical mistake from her opponent. While watching the game live I thought Richards was always better, but it turned out that her opponent missed a couple of strong moves that would have won early on, and at least drawn towards the end.

Maric,Boris (2034) - Richards,Heather S (2223)
Gibraltar Challengers A Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar (1.6), 22.01.2018

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