Monday 5 June 2017

Cricket or chess

I've become less regular in my blog posting over the last few months, mainly due to work commitments (and other chess related activities). In fact I'm travelling a little more due to work, usually to Melbourne every couple of months.
And it was in Melbourne last week that I rediscovered one of my lost joys, falling asleep with the cricket on. The ICC Champions Trophy is currently running in the UK, so it starts around 10pm Canberra time. This means I can catch a couple of hours before the eyelids start to sag, and I drift off to sleep.
However I now have the choice to watch the cricket, or the Norway Altibox tournament. This starts early tomorrow morning, and runs for the next 11 days. The field is so strong I'm not even going to name them, but Anish Giri is the bottom seed. The first day sees the traditional blitz event (with Kramnik seeded last for this one), with the main event starting the next day. The Blitz begins at 2:30am my time, but for the rest of the event, I think a midnight start is scheduled.
So the pleasant choice between top level cricket, and top level chess waits.

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