Wednesday 10 May 2017

Chess on a sphere

At school I found spherical trigonometry quite difficult, which is why my career as a Napoleonic Era Naval Captain never really took off. Working with flat surfaces was OK, which instead explains my affinity for chess.
So I assume that I would do quite poorly on the chess board highlighted here. It is a spherical chess board, where the pieces are held in place by magnets. It sits in a frame, and I assume has mechanisms to to rotate the globe so as to provide access to all the pieces and squares.
I'm not sure what the rules for playing on it are, but I assume it is akin to Cylinder Chess (where pieces can leave the board on one side and reenter on the other.). I'm also assuming that pieces cannot cross the 'poles' although it might be a more interesting game if they could.
The set seems to be a one off creation, but the designer (Ben Myers) has posted instructions on how he made it, so if you are interested, you may be able to build one yourself.


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