Monday 13 March 2017

2017 ACT Championship - Day 3

IM Andrew Brown is the outright leader of the ACT Championships, finishing the third day on 5/5. He defeated IM Junta Ikeda in round 4, and finished the day with a very quick win over WFM Alana Chibnall. He is a full point ahead of Ikeda (who won his round 5 game against Adrian de Noskowski) and Dillon Hathiramani. Tomorrow Hathiramani plays Brown on the top board, while Ikeda is playing Thomas Johnston on board 2.
Further down the field are a couple of young players who are performing well above their ratings. Athena Hathiramani and Lachlan Ho have scored a couple of upset wins over higher rated opponents, and should finish the event with big rating gains. Some of the not so young players are doing pretty well, with Erick McPherson and Mark Patterson looking to earn good FIDE ratings from this event.
The final two rounds are being played tomorrow with round 6 at 10:30am The tournament website has results, pairings and live games, plus all the games from earlier rounds. (NB There were technical difficulties in updating the website today,but hopefully it will be sorted tomorrow).

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