Thursday 19 January 2017

A pint, a curry, with a Kings Gambit on the side

I'm not sure if I'm singing for my supper, but I did get roped in to playing a Leeds League much yesterday evening. It turned out to be an A/B match where the Leeds CC A team was playing the Leeds CC B teams. The A team was quite strong (IM, FM on boards 1&2) while Harry and I were dropped in to the B team on the top 2 boards.
In the end the A team gave the B's a going over (4.5-0.5), although I managed ti grab half a point. As you can see from the score they do things a little differently up north. 5 board matches is a little odd, and each team member plays the same colour (ie we were all black against the A team). Finally, the time limit is still a little 'old-fashioned' with 35 moves in 75 minutes, followed by 15 minutes to finish. I believe that the league is looking to move towards increments, but are still trying to solve the issue of fixed closing times at venues.
After the match both teams retired to a near by bar, before some of us partook in that most English of traditions, the late night curry. It all finished up around midnight, which was just the right time to watch round 8 of the Oceania Zonal from Auckland.

Gantner,Matthias - Press,Shaun [C34]
Leeds League , 18.01.2017

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