Thursday 29 December 2016

2016/17 Hastings International - Day 1

It is tough at the top. The first day of the 2016/17 Hastings International saw a number of upsets on the higher boards, with seeds 1 and 3 losing, and the third second seed being held to a draw. The acceleration of the pairings obviously resulted in tougher first round opponents than usual, but it was still a surprise to see the carnage unfold.
After that there were more 'normal' results, although a number of higher rated opponents conceded draws to lower rated opposition. and there was still the odd upset victory. Nonetheless there some of the higher rated opponents still handed out the chess lesson to their opponents including the following quick win by Danny Gormally.

Gormally,Daniel W - Teh,Eu Wen Aron [E54]
2016/17 Hastings Masters, 28.12.2016

If you wish to see the results, or follow the live games, then visit the tournament website at


whatteaux said...

"...with seeds 1 and 3 losing, and the third seed being held to a draw..."

So player 3 played two games, losing one and drawing the other apparently? Good trick, that.

Shaun Press said...

Thanks for spotting that! Now updated

Nigel Freeman said...

Good result by Harry getting a draw with black against John Sugden, who I am sure played Varsity Chess and Glorney Cups in the same teams as Bill Hartston and Ray Keene and must have been at least a 2350 player at his peak.

Shaun Press said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure I've seen his name in older English chess books, and even more recent chess magazines. Harry also drew again today, this time with Alan Byron, so he is on 1/2 against a 2100 ish field.