Sunday, 7 June 2015

2015 NSW Open - Day 1

The 2015 NSW Open seems to be a particularly strong event this year. Even with a couple of last minute withdrawals, the top of the field still sees 2 GM's and 5 IM's taking part. The tournament even attracted a good sized field given the change in venue, with 52 players in the Open, and 58 players in the Under 1600.
The first two rounds saw most of the top seeds emerge unscathed. In fact all the GM's and IM's went 2 from 2, although some had to work a little harder than others. As a result Round 3 (which is under way as I type this) will see the first of the big clashes, with IM Bjelobrk playing GM Melkumyan on Board 1, while GM Zhao is up against IM Lane of Board 2.
The top boards of the Minor (Under 1600) were a much more random affair, with a number of higher rated players coming undone. Only 2 of the top 10 seeds are on 2/2, with young Albert Winkelman (seeded 33rd) continuing a tradition of Canberra Juniors doing well in this event.
Full results from the event, live broadcasts of games, and pgn files for the top 6 boards of the Open can all be found at There are 2 more rounds today (2pm and 6:30pm) and two rounds tomorrow to compete the event.

Huynh, Arthur -Zhao, Zong-Yuan [C57]
2015 NSW Open, 06.06.2015

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