Tuesday 16 September 2014

I feel like Bobby Fischer

If you hang around long enough, you eventually become your parents. So I'm not surprised that the music I listen to is moving further away from what my children choose to listen to. But I still try and stay relevant by listening to JJJ, even if they seem to be showing signs of middle age themselves.
Occasionally I will catch a song which jumps out at me. The other day I happened to be listening 'Cosby Sweater' by the Hilltop Hoods. Now the title is amusing in and of itself, but like a lot of hip-hop they name check a number of people. And in this case Bobby Fischer gets a mention, in the lines
I feel like Bobby Fischer, always 4 moves ahead of my competition

Now I don't know if that counts as 'bigging yourself up' in the hop-hop community, but the lines are repeated throughout the song. I'm also assuming the Hilltop Hoods knew enough about chess to think of Fischer, but given that 'Magnus Carlsen' also scans, maybe not so much to give the song a more contemporary feel.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing, as Bobby died 6 years ago and was not that famous a personality in Australia to under-40s, I'd have thought, especially not those in hip-hop circles. If it was a lyric in a Brendan Norman song I'd have not been so surprised... cool that chess's most famous player is mentioned on the radio though...