Monday, 20 January 2014

FIDE Tournament Rules 2015

Both the FIDE Laws of Chess and the FIDE Tournament Rules get updated every 4 years (at least in theory). Having just finished reviewing the Laws of Chess, the FIDE Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission are going to work on the Tournament Regulations.
The first step in this process is a meeting of the RTRC in Lausanne, Switzerland, this Wednesday. The commission, of which I am a member, have already received some submissions, while we will also look at our own proposals and improvements. Once the meeting has been completed, the proposed changes to the regulations will be posted at There will be a full meeting of the RTRC in Tromso in August, where the final changes will be agreed upon. Once approved by the FIDE General Assembly, they will come into effect on the 1st July 2015.
Based on my experience with the changes to the Laws of Chess, this system looks good in theory, but works less well in practice. This is mainly because people tend not to notice the changes until they have already been passed. In part this has previously been due to proposals not being distributed widely enough, but with the new Rules Commission website this should be less of a problem.
So if you want to have a say about new tournament regulations (and the RTRC does welcome input from everyone), keep an eye on, and give the commission your feedback
NB I am currently in transit to this meeting and so blogging is once again dependant upon airport/hotel internet availability.

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