Tuesday 1 October 2013

In the land of Keres

I've been in Estonia for a day and a half, although I've mainly seen the inside of my hotel, rather than the outside scenery. The FIDE Congress is under way, with the Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission being the first meeting of the day. Currently I am sitting in the meeting room, taking part in the discussion about how pawns are to be promoted. As with most discussions of this type, the smaller the issue, the more passionate the arguments!
Hopefully I will be ale to get out into the town at some point and take some pictures and see the sights. Might even take the boat across to Finland on the rest day, just to add another country to the list of places I have visited.


Anonymous said...

what's the issue with pawn promotion? thought it was pretty straightforward.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, it is about whether a player has to actually place the pawn to be promoted on the 8th rank before promoting or whether it is OK to promote when the pawn is on the seventh and it is obvious it will be promoted.

The world will end unless issues such as these are resolved you realise.

Anonymous said...

of course. and there i was oblivious.