Saturday, 15 December 2012

Australian Young Masters

Spent yesterday watching some of the games in the Australian Young Masters. The Adelaide Chess Centre is a nice venue, although it maintained the tradition of Australian junior events by being very, very warm. However the late morning rain cooled things down, although at the cost of leaking water on the top boards!
In the chess, Brodie McClymont continued his stellar form, leading the Young Masters with 6/6. However he is being closely pursued by Australian Junior Champion Alistair Cameron on 5. In the final round McClymont plays fellow Queenslander Yi Liu, while Cameron plays IM Andrew Brown.
In the Junior Masters Matthew Bennett and Harry Press share the lead with 5.5/8. Bennett plays Qi Le Kong-Lim in the final round, while Press plays Josh Bishop.
If you wish to follow the final round the tournament website has a live blog hosted by GM Ian Rogers.

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