Saturday, 11 February 2012

How to become an FM

One of the criticism of blogs, especially political ones, is that they serve as a kind of 'echo chamber', simply repeating what other blogs have posted 10 minutes earlier. Of course those that make this criticism never direct it at their own side of politics, only at those they disagree with.
But it is true that blogs do draw their information from limited sources. And in doing so some strange connections can appear. For example, my post yesterday mentioned Adam Raoof, an English chess organiser. On Facebook I noticed he had recommended a post on the YorkshireChess website, specifically an interview with FM Rupert Jones. Regular readers of the blog would know that Rupert is a team mate of mine on the PNG Olympiad team, as well as being a good friend away from the board. And in the interview Rupert then plugs this blog, as one of the chess sources he regularly reads.
So having come full circle, I also recommend you read the interview, as it does provide both a good background on Rupert's career as a player and organiser, as well as giving a good tip on becoming an FM!

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