Friday, 17 June 2011

The Master Game

In his "Canberra Times" chess column, Ian Rogers reported on attempts at bring the BBC chess series "The Master Game" back to our screens. It was not, of course, the television screen, but the far more modern medium of the computer screen. On Youtube, the user Sirb0b1 has set up a channel with episodes from the 1980 to 1982 series. Ian also revealed that the 1983 series seems to have been lost, and at this stage no episodes from this series have been posted.
As someone who didn't get into chess until 1983, I just missed out on this series, and I'm not even sure it made it to Australian TV. So it is a real bonus to be able to go back and see this excellent program, and to put voices (and thoughts) to the players who took part. If you want to check out the episodes yourself (and I recommend that you do) the link is

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Anonymous said...

At least three Master Game series were shown in Australia.