Sunday, 23 January 2011

And doing the tourist thing

Spent the day doing the tourist thing in Auckland. Using the cheapest tour bus company in the city (ie public transport) we saw quite a lot of the various shopping districts, the waterfront, and then spent a couple of hours at the excellent Auckland Museum. Tomorrow is the drive from Auckland to Rotorua, although whether I go via Hamilton or Tauranga is still to be decided.
I've been doing a lit bit of prep, trying to repair my increasingly dodgy repertoire. A combination of Chessvibes opening reports, and going over my old games has lead me down the path of mainline, high level, openings once again. Of course this was going to be the strategy at the last olympiad, until fatigue and frustration kicked in. But I'm sure this time will be different ...

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Anonymous said...

Shaun I've reached the same conclusion re playing main line openings - I'm more intimidated by players who do play main lines, it says something good about their confidence and preparation. Peter