Thursday, 5 August 2010

Testing a better ratings system

Via former ANU Chess Club member Jonathan Kocz comes word of an interesting competition. Jeff Sonas, of Chessmetrics fame, is sponsoring a competition to see if someone can come up with a better rating system than the Elo system (used by FIDE and a number of other countries).
For the competition you are given a set of data which is the results of a number of games played over a 100 month period by 8631 of the worlds top players in the last 12 years. Using this data, and an algorithm of your own design, you then try and accurately predict the next 5 months worth of results from this same group.The idea is that the most successful predictor is the most accurate rating system.
There are prizes on offer for the top 10 systems, including a bag load of stuff from Chessbase.
There is still plenty of time to enter, so if you want to give it a go and become as famous as Arpad Elo, then just click on this link for the details.

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Garvin said...

I wonder how Glicko and Glicko2 would go?