Thursday, 11 February 2010

Linares 2010

With a steady stream of high level chess tournaments happening every month it is easy to overlook the next big tournament. Linares starts tomorrow, something I wouldn't have realised if I hadn't seen this article on it at Chessvibes. Now I know it is a very strong tournament (Topalov, Aronian, Gelfand, Gashimov, Grischuk, and Vellejo Pons, all over 2700) but I just get the feeling it doesn't stand out from the crowd like it used to. Possibly this is because the names Carlsen, Anand or Kramnik aren't part of the entry list, although it may just be the fact that there are more 'super' Super-GM tournaments being held these days.
However I am sure that there will be plenty of exciting chess in store, and I am going to tip sometime Canberra visitor Lev Aronian to win this year.

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Paul said...

I'll take Boris Gelfand to wiin...:-)