Thursday, 13 August 2009

Happy Helpers

The 2009 ANU Chess Festival finished today with the last event, the ANU High Schools and Colleges Championship. Radford College were the winning team this year, with Kaleen Primary winning yesterdays Primary Schools Championship.
What I really want to make mention of however is level of volunteering that his happening in ACT chess at the moment. Both the primary schools event (40 teams, 160 players) and the High Schools (26 teams, 104 players) ran very smoothly due to number of people helping out. And it wasn't a question of twisting arms or calling in favours, it was just simply a matter of people knowing it was on and turning up to help out. And the last few years has seen this become the rule rather than exception in Canberra. The weekend events like the Doeberl Cup, the ANU Open and the Vikings Weekender, the various junior events, and even Street Chess benefit from having half a dozen or more people willing to put out equipment, collect results, answer questions etc which makes the whole experience an enjoyable one for participants and organisers alike.
So from me a big thank you to everyone who happily helps out at these events, and I hope to see such community spirit continue long into the future.

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