Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Linares 2009

With the World Chess Challenge starting first, the annual Linares tournament kind of slipped under my radar. They have already reached round 5 (of 14 rounds) and Lev Aronian and Alexander Grischuk share the lead on 3.5. In terms of the 'action quotient' only 30% of the games have been decisive (6 out of 20), although there have been some quite hard fought draws.
Live coverage (plus various other links) can be found here.

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Hi Shaun

Yes, all of the games played at Linares have been put up on OzChess:

Linares Games - Rd 1 - 6

People are encouraged to scroll through the games at their own pace. It would be good prep for the upcoming Doeberl tournament. :)

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Alex Toolsie