Friday 12 December 2008

Pearl Spring Tournament

Having been forced to stay up to (or get up at) 1am to watch the live broadcasts from the Olympiad, Australian chess fans can now get live coverage of a Super GM tournament at a sensible time of the day. The Pearl Spring Tournament in Nanjing, China is in a far friendlier time zone than Dresden and the start time of 1500 Chinese time means that the games begin broadcasting at 6pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time.
If you wish to watch the games from Nanjing then this link should get you there. I would normally also add a link to the tournament page but when I visited it, my browser (Iceweasel) crashed.
This evening there were two decisive games, with Aronian defeating a strangely out of sorts Ivanchuk, and Svidler losing the Movsesian. The tournament itself is a double round robin, with a single rest day between the two legs, so there will be games for the next three evenings.

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