Thursday 11 September 2008

Going the hack

I guess that different people have different motivations for playing chess. While the challenge of doing well may be what draws us in in the beginning, the fact we can't all be world champion means that there must be other factors that keep us involved.
For me it was the joy of launching a mating attack against my opponents king. In the early days my tournament successes were not so much measured in points, but in the number of sacrifices I played. In one Sydney Uni weekender I think I sacrificed at least a piece in every game, although I probably finished on 3.5/6 or some such score.
While I don't have any games from that event to show you, I do have a game played by Nick Beare on the server. Not only was it a slashing win, it also moved Nick's rating to 2000 for the first time.

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