Saturday, 19 March 2022

Playing down the right flank

 Miles Patterson sent me the following game from the 2022 Tasmanian Championship, which he finished in first place. His opponent opened with a double fianchetto defence, which gave White time to launch a typicla dark square attack on the king, swapping the bishop on g7 and pushing the h pawn. g4 to break open the kingside was a good move, and Nxf7 both won material, and essentially finished the game, although Black played on to mate.

Patterson,Miles (2000) - Pretorius,Wynand-Jack (2000) [A04]
Tasmanian Championship LAPTOP-RNTASBER, 14.03.2022

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Lachlan said...

Hi Shaun - probably the first game Miles has played where he didn't move his c pawn