Thursday 27 May 2021

Had the jab

 Today I received the first of my two Covid vaccine jabs. When I mentioned to someone this morning that I was doing this he was horrified, and asked me why I was doing this. "Because I'm not a f**king idiot" was my fairly direct reply. He then proceeded to tell me that after the injection, magnets would stick to my arm. In the service of science I have tested this claim. It is of course BS.


  • Had the injection
  • Tested my arms with magnets
  • Have had absolutely no ill effects
  • Understand the difference between doctor's advice and advice from some guy watching you tube


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Jim said...

My experience was the complete opposite of yours, Shaun.

Shorty after I had the first vaccination, I walked close by the fridge. Took me an eon to pry myself off the darn thing.