Wednesday, 16 December 2020

I continue to surprise myself

 A lot of my opening choices, and opening knowledge is pretty poor. Even in openings I should know well, I often make big mistakes. So when I follow theory (even unintentionally) it comes as a pleasant surprise. 

The following game was played in an online rapid event this evening. While I basically remember some Najdorf theory, by knowledge of the Poisoned Pawn variation was restricted to a few games in the 1970's by Fischer and others. As it turns out the game was theory up until move 23 (according to my opponent) which came as a shock to me in the post mortem. While I hold out hope that I may remember more about openings than I realise, it is probably the fact that most of the moves were fairly obvious that is the real truth here.

shaunpress (1765) - chesslani123 (1829) [B97]
Live Chess, 16.12.2020

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