Wednesday 9 September 2020

The one move loss

 A number of years ago I once won a game by playing a single move (It was from a set position and my opponents first move allowed a mate in 1). To that collection I can now add a one move loss.

Usually I do not play in events I organise (including online events), but to make sure that there would be 5 rounds in the ACT Chess Association Wednesday Night Rapid, I entered at the last second. After 3 rounds I had even managed to get to 3/3, and was paired in round 4 with Harry Press, who was on 2/3 (having missed the first round). I started the game with 1.e4 and then to see what his intentions were, made a very quick draw offer. Or so I thought. In my haste to offer the draw I accidentally clicked the 'Resigns' button, and as a result we were now on 3/4. (NB I have now set 'Confirm resignation' to 'On' in my settings)

Whether it was the extra break between games, or just a need to fix my mistake, I did manage to win my final round game (see below), leaving father and son as joint winners of the event.

DoctorWho64 (1600) - shaunpress (1837) [A26]
Live Chess, 09.09.2020

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