Tuesday, 11 August 2020

2020 FIDE Online Olympiad - Div 2

 The 2020 FIDE Online Olympiad is now up to Division 2, and is now looking a lot tougher for all teams. The 5 pools have been published, and Australia is in with a number of tough teams in Pool A. While the differing pools normally group teams together based on time zones (while balancing the strength), Australia has drawn Germany and Bulgaria, along with Indonesia and The Philippines. As only the top 3 teams in each pool advance to the next division, it will be a very tough ask. Based on previous divisions, 12+ match points is usually needed to finish in the top 3, which requires a minimum of 5 match wins.

Pool A of Divison 2 can be found here, and there are links to all the other pools (including past results)


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