Tuesday 12 February 2019

Decluttering my chess

'Decluttering' seems to be all the rage at the moment, with a whole industry based on the concept of 'throwing things away' developing. Deciding that this is a good band-wagon to jump onto, I've decided to apply the same principles to my chess.
As hinted at last week, I have decided to try 'simple chess', aiming for clear cut positions in the opening, where the aim is to have one or two obvious plans, based on creating and targeting weaknesses in my opponents position.
For the second week in a row, I seemed to get this to work quite well. 2.c3 is a new line for me (I have previously played the Closed Sicilian) but it gave me the position I was looking for. Following the KISS principle, I only need to come up with some short term plans, find a few nice tactics, and by move 30, my opponents position had completely collapsed.

Press,Shaun - Grcic,Milan [B22]
University Cup, 12.02.2019


Steve Owens said...

Is there supposed to be a link to a game at the end of your post?

Shaun Press said...

There is, but if it is not showing up, then it may be an issue with the browser you are using (the game is replayed via a javascript script)

Steve Owens said...

Ah, it's my corporate network that's blocking it. From home, it's great.