Thursday, 15 November 2018

2018 World Championship - some alternative coverage

While serious chessplayers are going to look at chess24 or for the World Championship coverage, there are a couple of other sites that offer a slightly different perspective. covers sports in a slightly humorous way, and they are bringing this approach to their chess coverage.  "Woody Harrelson attends World Chess Championship Ceremony, Screws everything up" was one of their early headlines, but overall they are covering in the same way they cover other sports. They even did a preview of the match, revealing some of the  twitter fights that happen at the highest levels of chess.
For slightly more analytical coverage, then is the place to visit. While fivethirtyeight is well known as a politics/statistics site, it does cover lots of other areas, including sports. The World Chess Championship has been heavily featured over the last few days, with today's story about the 'leak' of Caruana's preparation via youtube being one example.
While the broader coverage of the World Championship is a good thing for chess, the fact that the match has started with 4 draws hasn't been missed, either by the article authors, or by those commentating at home.

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