Wednesday 25 April 2018

Open Source Alpha Zero Chess

One of the benefits of supporting (and using) open source software is that for every closed source product, there is an open source version that quickly appears. And as a programmer, open source code is a real boon for just about any project I am working on, as reading code is almost always more informative than reading coding books.
With all the excitement about Alpha Zero Chess, it isn't a surprise that an open source version is now available. Leela Zero Chess is an attempt at recreating Alpha Zero Chess, based on what was published by the DeepMind group. It isn't as strong as Alpha Zero at this stage, in part due to the smaller hardware it is running on, and the fact that it hasn't had as much time to self learn.
Nonetheless it has already taken part in some high profile matches (with limited success), including the Top Engine Chess Championships (where it is off to a rough start).
However, if you are interested in chess engine programming (or just like reading C++ code at bedtime), you can see the source code at the github repository. It can be downloaded and run on your local machine if you are interested, and I'm sure they're always looking for contributors.

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