Saturday 6 May 2017

4NCL - Guilford win again, White Rose survive

The 4NCL season in the UK has just finished, with Guildford winning the competition again. For their final round game they field 7 GM's and an IM, so it isn't surprising that they scored the maximum 14/14 in match points and 45/56 game points in the Championship section. Cheddleton finished in 2nd place, while the Guildford second team took third.
The White Rose team did not do as well as they have in previous years, but a 5th place finish (with more game points than the teams that finished third and fourth) leaves them in the top division for another year. They also saw one of their players, Matthias Gantner, score an IM norm.
The Second Division was won by Alba (with a strong Scottish representation) with The AD's runners up. They, along with Spirit of Atticus and Cambridge University are promoted to the top section next season. White Rose II (which Harry Press and I played two games for), avoided relegation to Division 3, finishing third in the relegation pool (2 places above the relegation zone).

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