Friday, 27 May 2016

Two events to watch

Two important events began today, providing some much needed late night chess watching for the next two weeks.
The 2016 Asian Individual Championship is being held in Tashkent, with the first round starting earlier this evening. There are 91 players playing, although with 28 GM's and 13 IM's it is hardly the tournament for chess 'tourists'. There are no Australian players in this event, but Rebecca Stones is playing in the Women's tournament, and Stephen Lukey (NZ) is flying the Oceania flag.
Also kicking off is the 3rd Gashimov Memorial event in Shamkir. Top seeds are Caruana, Giri and Karjakin. Of major interest is how Karjakin performs in the lead up to his World Championship Match, while Hou Yifan has a chance to put the issues of the Women's World Championship behind her.
Results can be found on the links provided, while live coverage can be found at


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