Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 Dubbo Open - Day 2

Angelito Camer is the winner of the 2016 Dubbo Open, after scoring 3/3 on the second day of the tournament. After being held to a draw in round 2 by CM Bill Egan, Camer won 4 straight games, including wins in rounds 5 and 6 over former leaders Trevor Bemrose and  Matt Raidisch respectively.
Local player Don Keast finished outright second on 5/6, and picked up the title of 2016 NSW Country Champion.  There was a 4 way tie for third, with Trevor Bemrose, Alana Chibnall, Fritz Van Der Wal and Kamal Jane all scoring 4.5.
The 36 player event was played in good spirits, and the final placing were only decided by last round results. Apart from the good scores by the winners, there were a number of good performances by lower rated and unrated players.
Apart from the Open itself, the traditional Handicap Blitz attracted a solid field of 16 players. Players were given a time handicap based on rating, with the top seeds playing witn 1 minute against 5 minutes in some games. After 5 hard fought rounds, the winner on 4.5 was myself, albeit through the generosity of some of my opponents!
Full standings for the event are here, and although it is a year away, you can pencil in the weekend of the 1& 2 April for the 2017 Dubbo Open.

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Graham Clayton said...

Don Keast - I remember him giving a simul at my high school back in 1979!