Sunday, 24 May 2015

How many mistakes do you need to lose in the opening?

GM John Nunn was of the opinion that White needed to make 3 mistakes to lose a miniature (ie in under 20 moves), while Black, by virtue of being down a tempo needed only 2. I certainly proved this in spades today, losing a very quick game against Alana Chibnall at Street Chess. Trying a dubious Philador's may not have been the first mistake, but 7. ... Bxg5 was. 12. ... Kd7 was the second big one as after 13.O-O-O the only question was how quickly I could get mated. As it turns out Alana did not spot the quickest win (she played 17.Bd5+ winning the rook, although she realised she had missed a mate almost immediately) but I though I would show how the game should have ended.

Chibnall,Alana - Press,Shaun [C41]
Street Chess, 23.05.2015

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