Sunday, 29 December 2013

Chess Movies - Updated

While the TV series "Endgame" is the latest entry in 'Chess as a plot driver' canon, Chessbase has provided an up to date list of chess movies. Some on the list are both famous and obvious eg 'Chess Fever' or 'The Luzhin Defence' there are a few that I am less familiar with. A few of these are foreign language (ie non-English) movies, but there are some English language movies I have not seen.
The list is here, and includes a couple of films that are yet to reach the cinema.

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Victor Braguine said...

Shaun, one interesting Russian movie "Grandmaster" (1972) is missing from the Chessbase list. This movie is featuring Mikhail Tal, Mark Taimanov, Victor Kortchnoi and others. The plot is typical. It is about a young chess player who likes to play sharp games and eventually would be a challenger for the World crown. It is funny that Victor Kortchnoi acting as a coach is trying to convince him to play pragmatically through the whole movie. Cheers.