Wednesday, 16 October 2013

More on Computer Cheating

I've been quiet on the topic of computer cheating in chess over the last few months. This was due to the fact that I had been appointed to the new FIDE/ACP Anti-Cheating Committee and I felt it best to refrain from comment while the details of our work were still being established.
As the first official meeting of of the committee has now been held, and I'm happy to talk more about what is going on. The 10 member committee held two recent meetings, one in Paris with members of the ACP, and one in Tallinn, with the FIDE committee members. I was appointed secretary of the committee, with Israel Gelfer as Chairman. At the FIDE meeting, Professor Kenneth Regan gave a presentation on the work he has been doing in this area (and it is quite a substitutional amount). It was very well received, with an over capacity audience in attendance. A copy of the talk can be found at
A draft of the proposed regulations and recommendations is being put together and will soon be circulated amongst the committee for comment. Then a final paper will be released (in around 3 months). The idea is that the recommendations will then be discussed before the FIDE Congress in Tromso, August 2014.
In the meantime the committee will also be looking at other aspects of cheating as well, including fictitious tournaments (they sometime happen), and rating manipulation. As these things are amenable to statistical analysis (or just straight database searching), the committee felt that they should fall under our umbrella.

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Great to have chess lovers like you and your team to help chess.