Wednesday 6 March 2013

2013 ANU Masters - Week 4

Another win for IM Andrew Brown has kept him in front in the 2013 ANU Masters. Yijun Zhang misplayed the opening as early as move 6 and Brown was able to establish a decisive advantage soon after. FM Junta Ikeda kept pace with Brown after a tough win over Michael Wei. For a long time the position looked balanced, but Ikeda was able to break opne Wei's kingside after Wei missed defending an important square.
Andrey Bliznyuk took advantage of some loose piece placement by Justin Chow and was able to win material in the middlegame. Stephen Sengstock beat Kishore Sreetharan which was heavy on Nimzo theory, but towards the end was about converting a material advantage.
Adrian de Noskowski's run of bad luck continued after losing against Jeremy Reading. He had an overwhelming advantage during the middlegame, and was even able to give up his queen without endangering  his winning chances. However he began to lose the thread of the position and Reading was able to generate enough counterplay to eventually turn the tables.
After 4 rounds Brown leads the tournament with 4/4. Ikeda is close behind on 3.5, with Steven Sengstock on 2.5. Both Andrey Bliznyuk and Michael Wei are on 2, but each has an extra game to play.

Reading,Jeremy (1888) - De Noskowski, Adrian (1907)
2013 ANU Masters Canberra, Australia AUS (4), 06.03.2013

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